Mission Statement
To make avaiable, affordable and quality Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy to everyone in the community and surrounding areas.
Vision Statement 
Why Horses? 
Why Waves to Ripples Ranch? 
​Why Wickenburg? 
Horses live in the moment and provide instant feedback to us.  They are authentic beings and show us where we are on our healing journey.  

What sets us apart from other programs is our approach with the horse.  We do not see the horse as a reflection or mirror.  Horses show us what a mirror can not. They show us whats going on inside. They are honest and can help us discover those things a mirror won’t show. These are the things that begin a wonderful journey into self discovery. 

Program Owner Ann Taylor was born and raised in Wickenburg. Her family has owned a small ranch here for over 40 years.
The ranch and its horses were her escape when things were hard in her younger years. Now she wants to share its benefits with others.
Waves to Ripples is a metaphor for the "waves" we face on a daily basis.  Our program can help your "waves" become "ripples". 

We offer a quiet and private atmospher for te sessions.  We offer an unique approach to help people renew hope and building relationships trough horses. 
Sponsor a horse! 

Sponsoring a horse helps us with our daily cost of caring for a horse.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of our horses please contact us!

We also have a "retired horse program".  If you have a horse, that not no longer meets your needs you can board it at Waves to Ripples for a very reasonable cost in exchange for using your horse in our program.  Contact us for more information!